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Deck Level Options > 28040.030 C/B Removable V-Berth Kit 

$495.00 Removable V-berth Installation 1. Remove the compression post if it has been previously installed 2. Rough fit all three v-berth panels, resting them on the forward half bulkhead and the longitudinal upper teak slats of the port and starboard storage bins. Trim the three panels as necessary to create one level and flat surface – the two aft removable panels will fit first, then fit the single forward fixed panel 3. Install the two butt hinges on the forward edge of the forward fixed panel. Measure in 6” towards the centerline from the outboard edges of the panel. Install the hinges against the forward crash bulkhead. 4. Install the two 8” teak support cleats on the forward sides of the centerboard trunk cap 5. Install the two 6” teak support cleats on the forward faces of the seat boxes 6. Avoid interference with the three panels and the trunk cap, bilge pump, and battery box 7. Use silicone sealant as a bedding compound for increased bonding between the cleats and hinges and the fiberglass surfaces